Violet Calendars for 2023
Violet Calendars for 2023
Violet Calendars for 2023
Camp Cocker Rescue

Violet Calendars for 2023

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If you haven't seen one of our annual calendars before, you are going to be surprised by how special these are.   Filled with bonus pages and inspiring stories about some of the dogs we've rescued, many people tell us they don't even throw out their calendars at the end of the year because they are so sweet.

These calendars make great gifts for your vet, groomer, dog walker, doggie daycare place, to hang at your work place, any of your friends and family who love animals.

We haven't raised our prices this year even though printing costs have risen.  We really just want our fans to have a nice quality calendar that they will love all year round.   We also like to offer a bundle to save for people that buy multiple calendars.   

$20 for one calendar

$50 for a bundle of three 

$100 for a bundle of eight

Be SURE if you are buying a bundle, to email us with which specific calendars you want in your bundle.  It is mix and match so you can pick whichever designs you want in your bundle.  Please email

Choices of calendars are:

Camp Cocker Rescue - this calendar features dogs we've rescued from local shelters 

Freedom Flyers - this calendar features dogs we've rescued internationally 

The Amazing Violet - this calendar features our handicapable doggie, Violet who spreads her positive messages about embracing being "perfectly imperfect"


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