Trixie's Wish List: Acrylic puppy pen
Trixie's Wish List: Acrylic puppy pen
Camp Cocker Rescue

Trixie's Wish List: Acrylic puppy pen

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We've never spent the money to get a really nice sturdy clear puppy pen set up like this.  One of our adopters bought this for her own dog and it looks so sturdy and easy to clean, and her dog can see through it rather than be behind an x-pen.  

We know this is something we can use over and over and over again for many future foster dogs or puppies, so we wanted to splurge and buy it.   We would like to get two of the 36" large ones (they are $649 each, YIKES!).   

If sixty five people each donate $10, this can pay for the first one, then we will keep fundraising to try to raise the funds for the second one as well (another sixty five people donating $10 each).

We've never had anything this nice because we want to always be thoughtful about how we spend donations.  If enough donors want to chip in $10 each, then we will buy this.  It looks SO NICE, right?  

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