Bon Bon's Mask Giveaway!
Bon Bon's Mask Giveaway!
Camp Cocker Rescue

Bon Bon's Mask Giveaway!

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Bon Bon knows that Camp Cocker has a lot of leftover inventory from selling masks and she wants to do a GIVEAWAY now!  (all we ask is you pay the shipping)

If you buy Bon Bon one meal with her liver support and joint supplements, for $5 - she will send you for FREE a giveaway package of mask goodies that includes:

- one package of 50 blue disposable face masks

- one cotton mask with an adorable dog pattern

- one blingy mask for dressing up!  (this is mesh, must be worn over a more protective mask)

Bon Bon wants to thank you for giving her a delicious meal that includes her joint and liver support supplements - and she is happy to be giving away these mask supplies for anyone that wants to have them on hand for any future needs (masks are fantastic for protection from colds or the flu too).

Let's help Bon Bon giveaway all the remaining mask inventory by spreading the word!

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