Donate To Bazel!


When we found Bazel at the Carson shelter, we were shocked!!  He was carrying pounds and pounds of the worst matted hair we had ever seen!  We rushed him to our vet where he had a long shave down that took hours. He was given a pain injection and sedation because the matted hair was so close to his skin and was pinching his skin!  In total, 5.4 pounds of filthy, flea and tick-infested hair was removed from Bazel's small body!!!  We now get to see his handsome face and are so excited that he has a fresh start in life!  He deserves it!  

Bazel has a long road ahead of him to trust people again, but we are spoiling him with the best food, cbd products, and lots of love.  If you would like to help with his recovery, please feel free to purchase a gift for him from the items listed here.